Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Designing for a good cause

I’d like you to meet Jonathan Lockie and his wonderful family.   I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan a number of times and can easily say that he is the bravest two year-old I’ve ever met!  Jonathan was born with a rare heart defect known in the medical world as Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, along with a list of other heart defects - essentially half a heart.  At just six days old Jonathan was facing open heart surgery, ultimately leading to months in the hospital.  One day while doing some research on the internet, Jonathan’s mom, Sara, stumbled across an article about a simple screening known as pulse oximetry screenings for critical congenital heart disease (CCHD).  She learned that many seemingly healthy newborns are sent home from the hospital undiagnosed with this disease and are at a very high risk of death or disability because of it.  What’s even more alarming is that this disease can be prevented with a simple test that is noninvasive, inexpensive and can easily be added to the list of newborn screenings conducted in hospitals.  However, it is a test that unfortunately was not on the mandatory list of screenings in Iowa hospitals.
Since learning about Pulse Oximetry Screenings, the Lockies and other families across the State have been hard at work to ensure that all newborns in the State of Iowa have the opportunity to have their hearts screened.  Adding another mandatory newborn screening requires legislation or an administrative rule change through the State Board of Health.  Earlier this month the hard work of these families paid off, a bill for an act requiring critical congenital heart disease screening for newborns as part of the state's newborn screening panel was passed by the House and Senate and is currently awaiting the governor’s signature!
So how does this story relate to my invitation business you ask?  Well, back in January, I learned of a silent auction for Jonathan and was asked to help create a logo for the fundraiser.  After asking how I could be of further assistance, I decided to donate an auction item in the form of 50 free invitations!  The fundraiser was a huge success and about a month later I received an email from Kelsey, the winner!
The Benefit
Kelsey had recently given birth to a little boy and was asking that I create his birth announcement.  Her request was simple, “something bright, cheery, cute and contemporary”.  She sent me a few pictures to choose from for the announcement, one of them being an adorable image of her little guy in a giraffe hat.  Once I saw the photo I couldn’t resist designing something around it!    I love designing and playing around with fonts and new ideas, but I have to admit, designing for a good cause like Jonathan’s fundraiser made it even more enjoyable!
I ask that you please read more about CCHD and Jonathan’s brave journey on his mom’s blog, and in this article published in USA Today.  If you’re feeling generous and would like to support this adorable little boy and his family, donations may be directed to the Lockie Benefit account at Veridian Credit Union, 1201 S Ankeny Blvd., Ankeny, IA 50023.  Thank you!


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