Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Intimate East Coast Wedding

In my opinion there is certainly something to be said about a small wedding.  At times, there is no need for a plethora of decorations, a guest list a mile long, or a large wedding party piled into the biggest limo one can find to have a gorgeous wedding.
This past winter I had the pleasure of working with Shannon and Tom on their wedding invitations and programs.  As Shannon described her wedding to me via our first phone call I instantly understood that everything about this wedding was meaningful.  Shannon’s wedding colors were blue and white, with lots of flowers and a vintage touch.  The ceremony and reception was held on the back patio of the gorgeous Joshua Wilton House, a bed and breakfast in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and also the location of the couple’s first trip together.
The wedding turned out beautiful and proved to me that sometimes all you need is a meaningful setting, the people you are closest to and the person you love to have a gorgeous wedding day!
Thanks so much to Mike Miriello of Miriello Photography for allowing me to use some of the photos he took to help capture Shannon and Tom’s big day!


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