Monday, February 3, 2014

Favorite Finds {Valentine's Day}

February = Valentine’s Day!  

The month of February also represents what might be one of my favorite months out of the year to shop!  It’s the perfect time for scoring all sorts of goodies both in store and online in one of my favorite colors…pink! 

It seems that everything this month, clothes, candles, shoes, etc is being sold in every shade of pink {and red} you can imagine – some even come with a healthy dose of glitter! YAY!

I know the main focus of this blog is to share my designs, but I also wanted to use it as a way to share some of my favorite things with whoever wants to listen.  I’ve seen quite a few bloggers lately posting "monthly favorites”, and I thought I’d follow suit!  So enjoy what I’m calling my “Top 10 favorite Valentine’s Day finds from around the web”.

1. Essie Nail Polish - for the nail lover
2. Kate Spade Earrings - for the jewlery lover
3. itunes Gift Card - for the music lover
4. Bath & Body Works - for the smell good lover
5. Cashmere Heart Socks - for the cute and casual lover
6. Nike Element Half-Zip - for the workout lover
7. Bandana Print Scarf - for the fashion lover
8. Owl & Heart Print Kitchen Towels - for the decor lover
9. Love Valentine's Day Phone Case - for the texting lover
10. Pink Chevron Pillow - for the decor lover


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